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Ways to Support

You have what it takes to make an impact. Find your field in the table below or just reach out to us so we figure it out together.

Level of Involvement




Trade Skills Trainers

Teach specific trade skills to youth apprentices.

Career Coaches/Mentors

Provide career guidance and mentorship to youth


Marketing and Outreach

Help with marketing and outreach activities, such as

creating flyers, social media posts, and press releases.

Event Organizers

Help plan and organize events, such as fundraising

drives, job fairs, and alumni gatherings.

Potential Donors

One-time Donors

Make one-time donations to support Thrive Ghana's

activities and programs.


Recurring Donors

Make recurring donations on a monthly or yearly

basis to provide ongoing support to Thrive Ghana.



Sponsor a young person's participation in Thrive

Ghana's programs, providing financial support for their education and



In-kind Donors

Donate goods or services, such as office supplies,

equipment, power tools (including that toolbox in storage which you no longer

use), or professional services.


Seed Funders

Provide seed funding to support Thrive Ghana's

program development and expansion. Also willing to facilitate incubator projects.

Impact Investors

Invest in Thrive Ghana's programs as a way to

generate social and financial returns.





us facilitate your entry into the Ghanaian market by providing services on

the ground to help navigate the local business environment and establish a

presence in the country while we generate profits to reinvest in our cause.

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USA (856) 688-3734 I Ghana 020 9970 207