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Entrepreneurship Development

In collaboration with local churches, businesses, and individuals, we provide trainings on the basics of entrepreneurship and what's involved in setting up a business in Ghana. This includes hosting incubator sessions and having active discussions that relate to participants' concepts, businesses, and action plans.

Our training modules incorporate practical and Biblical principles which address current challenges and trends.

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Entrepreneurship Training Session

Entrepreneurship Training Module

Table 1 - Comprehensive Course developed for our beneficiaries who are enrolled in our program.



Learning Objectives

Module 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Overview of entrepreneurship and its importance in

economic development

Understand the concept of entrepreneurship and how

it contributes to economic development

Identifying entrepreneurial opportunities in Ghana

Identify entrepreneurial opportunities in Ghana

Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

Understand the key characteristics of successful


Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset and approach to


Module 2: Business Planning and Market Research

Conducting market research and analyzing the


Learn how to conduct market research and analyze the


Developing a business plan

Develop a comprehensive business plan

Identifying the target market and creating a

marketing strategy

Identify the target market and create a marketing


Understanding financial statements

Understand the basics of financial statements and

how to create them

Module 3: Sales and Marketing

Sales strategies and techniques

Learn effective sales strategies and techniques

Developing a brand and corporate identity

Develop a brand and corporate identity for the business

Digital marketing and social media

Understand the basics of digital marketing and

social media

Module 4: Financial Management

Financial forecasting and budgeting

Understand how to create financial forecasts and


Financing options and funding sources

Identify different financing options and funding


Financial management and record keeping

Learn how to manage finances and keep accurate


Module 5: Operations and Management

Operations management

Understand the basics of operations management

Human resources management

Learn how to effectively manage human resources

Project management

Learn the basics of project management

Module 6: Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Legal structures and compliance

Understand the legal structures for businesses and

how to comply with regulations

Intellectual property protection

Learn how to protect intellectual property

Contracts and negotiations

Understand the basics of contract law and how to negotiate


USA (856) 688-3734 I Ghana 020 9970 207