ThriveWorks Ghana

We are an NGO located in Sunyani, Bono Region-Ghana, which focuses on fostering a mindset and attitude geared towards value creation and service to others. We do this by facilitating various apprenticeship and mentorship trainings, as well as providing basic entrepreneurship education to at-risk youth, ages 15 to 25 years.

Mission, Vision, & Values


To create a capable, credible, and thriving community where everyone has the opportunity to develop their God-given talents and be valuable contributors to society.


To equip underserved youth in Ghana with the skills, attitudes, and mindset they need to be Christian Leaders who are gainfully employed and achieve success in their careers.

Core Values





Our Programs

Our programs aim to offer different career opportunities for young people in the country who are currently facing high rates of unemployment or underemployment.

Additionally, we believe work brings dignity and independence while it enables an individual to support others. (Acts 20:33-35). Because of our values, we go beyond just the skills training to help our beneficiaries build their character and value integrity in work and personal lives.


Most of our programs are executed by leveraging existing resources and relationships to build our network of trainers. Together, we establish curriculum and expectations/standards between beneficiaries & trainers. We then provide funding & resources necessary for the training while we monitor and evaluate the process to ensure desired outcomes.

Technical Skills Training Program

Entrepreneurship Development

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P. O. Box 370

Sunyani, Ghana.

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USA (856) 688-3734 I Ghana 020 9970 207

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Monday to Friday

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Closed on Sundays

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